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My name is Patrick Buggy, and I want to help you change the world by stepping up into a higher version of yourself.

I started Mindful Ambition on a set of core beliefs:

  • Too many people live stressed, anxious, and unfulfilled lives.
  • Living your best life is a reality worth pursuing.
  • We are our own worst enemy: Our state of mind, habits, and thinking are the main things holding us back from the life we want to live.
  • Building up yourself is the most reliable way to serve others and change the world.
  • A mindset of Mindful Ambition sets the foundation for a lifelong journey of sustainable growth.

The focal point of my writing is to document and share the universal principles, strategies, habits, and tools you can use on your journey to be the best you that you can be!

Creating an extraordinary life is a big, complex journey. I'm here to make it easier to navigate.

On this site, you can get access to my weekly newsletter, and helpful articles.

Every article I write has three primary objectives:

  1. Make it helpful: Articles have actionable tips you can test in the laboratory of your own life
  2. Make it clear: Articles distill complex topics into an understandable format, with illustrations to enhance clarity
  3. Make it fun: It's fun to grow. Reading these articles should be too!

In addition to writing, I work 1:1 with passionate individuals to help them master their inner game, and realize new opportunities in their life. (Click here for more info on that...)

I also work with forward-thinking companies to deliver workshops and create programs to help their employees thrive.

Interested to explore what we could create in your life by working together? Contact me here.

Why Mindfulness?

I don't consider this to be a "mindfulness blog"...But mindfulness is a core theme in my work.

That's because awareness is the seed of all positive change. And mindfulness gives us clear instructions to cultivate awareness and intention in every day.

The self-awareness that my mindfulness practice has given my has been nothing short of transformational in my life, helping me:

  • Work through limiting beliefs
  • Build better habits
  • Overcome fears
  • Develop tools to mitigate stress and anxiety
  • Live more courageously
  • Make clearer decisions
  • And more...

That being said, I'm not perfect, and I surely don't have all the answers.

But I am deeply committed my own growth journey, waking up each day ready to do, serve, and be a little bit better.

My goal with Mindful Ambition is to help you do the same. I want to help you show up at your best each day, rock it, and realize opportunities that once felt impossible.

Outside of this work, I spend my time on things that bring me joy: rock climbing, yoga, reading, biking around the city, exploring new places/ideas/experiences, and finding opportunities for childlike play in every day.

Let's do This!

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