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My name is Patrick Buggy, and I work with extraordinary individuals to help them create a life rich in purpose, growth, service, and satisfaction.

I also work with forward-thinking companies to deliver workshops and create programs to help their employees thrive.

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I started Mindful Ambition on a set of core beliefs:

  • Too many people live stressed, anxious, and unfulfilled lives.
  • Living your best life is a reality worth pursuing.
  • A mindset of Mindful Ambition sets the foundation for a lifelong journey of sustainable growth.
  • Building up yourself is the most reliable way to serve others.

The focal point of my work is to document and share the universal principles, strategies, and habits you can rely on to create a better life, one step at a time.

Creating a life that matters is a big, complex journey. I'm here to make it easier to navigate.

In addition to my coaching, workshops, and consulting work, I write a weekly newsletter, and helpful articles on this site.

Every article I write has three primary objectives:

  1. Be helpful: Articles have actionable tips you can try in your own life
  2. Be clear: Distill complex topics into an understandable format
  3. Make it fun: Growth is fun! Creating a better life shouldn't be scary or intimidating.

I don't claim to have all the answers. But I'm honored to share the best wisdom I encounter, what's worked for me, and others I've come in contact with.

Mindfulness has been a transformational force in my life, and is a recurring theme in my work.

In the past few years alone, I've...

  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Built better habits
  • Conquered fears
  • Developed tools to mitigate stress and anxiety
  • Increased my confidence
  • Improved my decision-making
  • Cultivated gratitude
  • And more...

That being said, I'm nowhere near perfect. (Nor is anybody.) But I am deeply committed to doing, being, and serving a little bit better each and every day.

My goal with Mindful Ambition is to help you do the same.

Outside of this work, I'm passionate about human movement, nutrition, travel, and photo/videography.

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