My name's Patrick Buggy.

I'm the Director of Operations at Heroic, where we're building the best self-development/personal growth platform in the world.

I'm also the Creator of Mindful Ambition, which is the home of my writing (and formerly, my coaching).


I'm committed to optimizing every facet of my life so I can give my fullest self in service to the world.

And I want to help you do the same, which is why I'm sharing what I learn along the way.

My work explores topics like...

- Physical Health and Energy: In a world that's plagued by chronic disease... How can we master ourselves and express the healthiest, most radiantly alive and energized versions of ourselves more and more consistently?

- Focus + Productivity: In a world where it's never been easier to be distracted... How can we bring our fullest selves to our most important work? And how can we be more effective, intentional, focused, and impactful with every day?

- Mindset and Mental Health: In a world filled with depression and hopelessness... How can we cultivate courage, confidence, hope, gratitude, curiosity, and wisdom on a daily basis?

- Love and Relationships: In a world where loneliness and disconnection are running rampant... How can we create lives filled with deeper, more meaningful love and connection? How can we develop deeper, authentic, and nourishing connections and community?

If that sounds like the type of thing you're into, I invite you to join the Mindful Ambition email community. I haven't been sending emails recently, but when I do, it'll typically be no more than one email each week.

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