Yo! I'm Patrick Buggy.

The coach, writer, and big-hearted entrepreneur behind Mindful Ambition.
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I help ambitious leaders perform at their best while actually enjoying the ride.

I'm not sure how you made it here, but you're in the right place if you want to:

Stop Coasting and Start Killing It

You don’t want to settle for the path of least resistance. You're doing well, but it still feels like something is missing. You know you're capable of more. I'm here to help you master the inner-game that will take your life, health, and career to the next level.

Do More of What Matters

You're on a mission. You want to make a positive impact on the world. But doing this means overcoming the doubts, fears, and distractions that pull you off course. I'll help you develop the mindset, routines, and tools to build yourself up so you have more to give to others.

Actually Enjoy the Journey

Your drive and ambition are double-edged swords. They bring you the satisfaction of growth and accomplishment. But they also leave you constantly unsatisfied. And life is way too precious to spend in a state of constant dissatisfaction. My goal is to help you end each day with a smile and sense of fulfillment.

Before we go further, let's get one thing straight: I don't really care WHAT you want to do in life...

All I care about is helping you live the heck out of life in YOUR unique way. Which usually means embodying your highest values, investing your energy in what matters most, and actualizing your potential in service of others.

Maybe you're trying to grow a business. Maybe you're leading a team. Maybe you want to prioritize your important creative work. Maybe you want to reach new levels of physical and mental performance...

The specifics change. But at the end of the day, we all want the same thing: to look back on our lives with zero regrets, and a big ol' smile, saying “Hell yeah. I lived the f*ck outta that life.”

I'm all about optimizing for the journey that will get you there. Helping you cultivate the clarity of what’s most important to you, the courage to boldly pursue it, and the confidence that you have what it takes to meet every obstacle you face with a smile.

I happen to specialize in mental coaching, which means mastering the inner-game that helps you show up at your best each day.

If there was ever a skill you needed to take your career, health, and life to a new level, it's self-mastery. I can help you...

Clarify your vision

Master your mindset

Take back control of your time

Build systems and routines that help you grow

Live with intention and do more of what matters

Ready to dive in? Join the Mindful Ambition community and get my clarity tool: The 20-Minute Life Checkup

20 minute life checkup download

In our hyper-connected society, it's harder than ever to stay intentional with your time. (And easier than ever to have your attention hijacked by someone else's priorities.)

I created this tool to help you:

  • Get honest about how actually spending your time
  • Create clarity about what matters to you most
  • Move forward with intention, so you can do more of what matters

Get your free copy of this workbook for a boost of clarity

Have we met yet? I'm Patrick, the big-hearted coach who runs this biz.

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In a culture where it feels like you have to sacrifice everything to be successful, I serve up refreshing clarity and powerful mindset shifts to help ambitious leaders perform at their best while actually enjoying the ride.

Since starting Mindful Ambition, I've worked 1-on-1 with inspiring leaders from around the globe. My clients are entrepreneurs, business leaders, professional athletes, authors, working parents, and young professionals. Though varied in their backgrounds, they're united by a desire to take back control of their life and bring their fullest selves into the world every day. (If that sounds like you, I'd love to meet you. Let's talk.)

What my clients appreciate is that I walk the walk. I don't pretend to have all the answers. But I am 100% committed my journey, and the practice of personal evolution--embodying my highest values in service to others. (It's this journey that led me to start Mindful Ambition in the first place)

Want the full story? You can read more about my journey here.

What Now?

These days, my attention is focused on...

  • Serving profoundly through my leadership role at Optimize, leading Operations and Special Project.
  • Astonishing my 1:1 coaching clients, helping them master their minds so they can perform at their best while actually enjoying the ride.
  • Supporting the Mindful Ambition community with weekly Mindful Monday Morning notes and articles that share actionable ideas for optimal living.
  • My own physical, mental, and spiritual growth and development. Waking up each day ready to love, do, move, serve, and be just a little bit better.

I'm not currently taking on new clients. If you're interested in leveling-up your impact and squeezing more juice out of life, get in touch here and I'll reach out when the time is right.

I look forward to getting to know you!

On purpose,