Authentic Dreams Should Feel Kinda Crazy

How do you show up in the world when you’re at your best?

The answer to this starts as nothing more than an idea. A vision of what might be possible.

And it might even feel kinda crazy to think about.

But…that’s how it goes with new ideas.

The first time you hear something, it sounds crazy.

The second time you hear it, it’s still pretty crazy.

But by the time you’ve heard it 10 times, or 20 times, or 100 times…the idea loses its craziness. You’ve engaged with it on a deeper level. It’s made an imprint on your consciousness time and time again. You’ve bent your perception of reality to include this new way of seeing things.

It’s kinda like how they make candles. Take a wick, dip it in some wax. Wait for it to harden. Dip it in again. It grabs more wax.

Little by little, the candle gains substance.

That’s basically how it goes with making our dreams a reality.

At first, the dream feels crazy. And when that happens, some people think “I should stop now since it feels crazy.”

But if you do that, you’re finished. You won’t take action. The wick never gets dipped in the wax.

Sayanara, dreams!

But there’s another course we can take: Let’s EXPECT that our dreams are going to feel crazy the first time they enter our minds.

Let’s expect that our bodies will be filled with energetic aliveness.

The first time we say our authentic desires out loud, we might get all sweaty and uncomfortable.

That’s not a bad sign. It’s par for the course!

And when we realize that it’s 100% normal to feel fear, doubt, and insecurity around our goals, we can keep taking action to move forward.

This isn’t some nonsense about believing it hard enough that it magically happens.

It’s about putting yourself in the best mental state to take action and move forward towards making your dream a reality.

So…Got any dreams that feel a little crazy?


(Or if not…take a moment to find one within you. What would be AMAZING for you to create in your life / health / career / relationships?)

And then…what’s the next micro-step you can take to move closer to that dream?

My invitation: Write it down.

Then…take concrete action TODAY to move one step closer to the goal. Have a conversation. Make the prototype. Write the outline.

Whatever it is, get yourself in action.

Keep dipping that wick of your dream into the wax of action. Sooner than you know it, you’ll have a full-fledged candle, ready to IGNITE!

Hugs + high-fives,