Don’t Complain, Take Action

Between work, relationships, family, and politics, everyone faces hardship. We’ve all been blindsided by unexpected changes that make life more difficult.

These hardships are important because they represent a fork in the road. Understanding how you respond in the face of a challenge is a great judge of character.

You have two options. Which path will you take?

Option 1: Take the easy way out by complaining

Complaining feels like you’re doing something about the issue. You spend time venting about it with other people. You post on social media.

But in reality, complaining doesn’t create change. Complaining is a manifestation of your current suffering.

Suffering happens when the reality in our head doesn’t align with the world around us. You suffer when you wish things would have worked out differently.

When you complain, you resign to your suffering. In a way, you’re giving up (at least temporarily).

Complaining isn’t a productive use of time. And it drags other people down with you.

Option 2: Take the courageous path by staying solution-oriented

Your other option is to hold a solution-oriented mindset.

Staying solution oriented first requires you to practice radical acceptance.

Before you can change your current state, you need to completely accept the challenge for what it is. Resist the instinct to immediately react to challenges with anger or fear. Take the time to feel your emotions all the way through. Come to terms with the present state.

Then, take deliberate action to change things for the better.

When you fully embrace the present for what it is, it frees you from resistance. It enables you to create the change you want to see in the world.

Come to radical acceptance of the current state. Then work hard to find a solution.

It’s your choice.

Will you take the easy way out? Or the path of courage?