Great Challenges Require Great Strength

The greater the challenges we face in life, the better-resourced we must be to conquer them.

T. Harv Ecker shares some great wisdom about you and the size of your problems.

It goes like this…

Let’s say we can rank you and your problems on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the biggest. If you’re facing a Size 5 problem, and you’ve fueled yourself to be a Size 7 version of yourself, then it’s no big deal. You’ve got this. 💪

But if you’re showing up as a Size 2 version of yourself, just about anything that goes “wrong” in your life will leave you feeling overwhelmed, powerless, and upset.

The same is true for the opposite.

When you’re showing up at your best—a Size 10 version of you—you can take on anything the world throws at you. Doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. But it does mean you’ll be well-poised to make an impact and to conquer whatever it is.

And let’s be real for a moment. We’re facing a host of Size 10 problems right now that aren’t going away on their own.

The perpetuation of racism and vicious behavior in America leaves me feeling sick to my stomach. My heart cracks wide-open feeling the pain of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbrey, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, and so many others whose lives have been brutally and viciously ended, so unjustly.

And yet, as a white man of privilege, I know I can’t even begin to feel the depths of the pain that my black brothers + sisters are feeling.


The greater the challenges we face in life, the better-resourced we must be to conquer them.

If you’re trying to slay a dragon, we can’t have you going out there feeling exhausted, drained, depleted, and wielding a rusty spoon. We need you fully-energized and feeling your strongest, while wielding the best tools for the job.

And frankly, we have a LOT of dragons to slay together.

It’s not gonna be easy work. It’s not gonna happen overnight. But I know a few things that will make it easier:

  • Getting great sleep every night
  • Eating nutritious food that fuels our body + mind
  • Moving our bodies and exercising every day
  • Meditating and training our ability to focus our mind on what’s most important
  • Having meaningful conversations with people we love
  • Minimizing distractions and creating a healthy relationship with our digital devices

We all have our role to play in creating a better world together. And we play those roles 10x (or 100x ?) better when we’re fully-resourced. The thing I didn’t share about T. Harv Ecker’s wisdom is the piece about perspective.

That is, if you’re showing up as a Size 2 version of yourself, even a Size 4 problem—which isn’t that big of a deal—looks MASSIVE. Challenges seem way bigger than they are when we’re under-resourced.

And from where I stand, the challenges we’re facing together seem BIG—like Size 10 (or 11 or 12 or…100?)—even when I’m fully-resourced.So…as we go out into the world to affect change—reading, learning, listening, changing our habits, donating time and resources, speaking up, intervening, demonstrating, writing, etc.—we need you taking care of yourself, my friend.

What I want for you is what I want for myself—to play my role well and give the world all I’ve got in service of creating the future we’re capable of together.

Yet it’s crazy to me how ineffective I can be at engaging with complex challenges when I’m under-resourced. For example, last weekend, I drove halfway across the country—31 hours of driving in 3 days—and my effectiveness this week has been a fraction of what it can be.

So…this is a reminder for me as much as it is an encouragement to you.

There’s going to be a lot of necessarily difficult + uncomfortable changes that need to happen in the coming months, years, and decades ahead. (As it relates to the challenges of racial injustice, climate volatility, chronic disease, mental health, and so many others…) And these changes are always easier to make when we’re entering the day feeling energized, with an open mind, and an open heart.

I’m committed to doing what I can to conquer racism and vicious behavior in our society. And I admit that I don’t know nearly enough right now to make the impact I can. I know the results of my actions are paltry at the moment. But I will be bringing my best energy and efforts to the act of learning + growing + contributing in this area over time.

Black Lives Matter. We can change the world, together. But we’re gonna need to bring the best we’ve got to those efforts.I hope you’ll join me.

With tons of love, a cracked-open heart, and a fierce commitment to serving you and yours more powerfully than ever before,


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