Heroic: My All-Time Favorite Resource for Personal Development

Every great book has a handful of Big Ideas that can change your life.

One day you see the world this way. Then you learn a Big Idea from a great book. It strikes a chord. And the next day, you see the world differently. 

As a result of that insight, you show up differently. And you start living an even better life than you were capable of living before.

It’s kinda like there are valuable gems hidden inside of every great book. And your job as a reader is to extract those gems and integrate them into your life.

But the thing is, it’s pretty hard to do this.

First off, the amount of information in the personal development world can feel overwhelming. Where do we even begin?

And even when we know where we want to grow…Mining these gems by reading book after book (after book after book after…) takes a ton of time.

Not to mention accountability. It’s easy to get stuck in theory-ville. Who’s supporting us to actually practice what we learn?

So yeah…mining Big Ideas, and integrating them into our lives, is easier said than done.

But (!!) with the right resources, you can blast these obstacles to smithereens.

Squash ‘em like a puny bug!

Which brings me to the point of today’s note.

Heroic: My Favorite Resource in the World

I wanna share one of my FAVORITE things with you. It’s been my go-to resource for learning all things personal development. And it’s made a tremendous impact on my life.

The story starts with an introduction to one of my favorite people in the world: Brian Johnson.

Brian and I on stage at our 2023 event launching Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential

After building and selling two businesses, Bri committed his life to studying and teaching the world’s best wisdom.

He makes these things called Philosopher’s Notes, which are 6-page PDFs (+ 20-minute MP3s) that distill the top Big Ideas from a given book.

Essentially, Bri does all the heavy-lifting of mining those gems from the world’s best books. (From ancient wisdom to modern science and everything in-between.) And then he puts them in a neat little package for you to learn from.

Pretty cool, right?

It gets better.

Bri has been at this for a long time. Plus, he’s a voracious reader. PLUS, he has incredible habits that keep his creative output high.

Which means that over the last 10 years, he’s read over 1,000 books, and created over 600 of these Philosopher’s Notes.

Just think about that for a minute. One of these books can literally change our lives. But 600+ of them?!

It’s like winning the wisdom lottery. Jackpot, baby! 🤑

And here’s where it gets even better. 

Pretty early on, Bri started noticing connections between all these books. Not all Big Ideas are different. Many people say the same thing. They just say it in different words, or from a different perspective.

So in those Philosopher’s Notes, he also connects the dots between Big Ideas from many different experts. You aren’t just learning from one perspective, but multiple, together.

This means the Big Ideas you learn don’t live in isolation. They form connections with each other.

And it begins to feel like an interconnected web of wisdom, instead of a pile of interesting-but-unconnected ideas.

Pretty awesome, yeah?

It gets even better.

After seeing all those commonalities, Bri decided to gather the best big ideas in a given subject and create these 60-minute Master Classes. Essentially, sharing the top 10 Big Ideas you need to know in a given topic area. (Like Purpose 101, Productivity 101, Optimal Breathing 101, Conquering Fear 101, Public Speaking 101, etc.)

This helps you digest the most impactful Big Ideas on a topic (from a crew of world-leading experts!) all at the same time.

And then, Bri recognized that the best way to get better at something is step-by-step. He had an opportunity to share these Big Ideas in a more bite-sized fashion.

Which led to a series of ~2-5 minute videos called Heroic +1s.

So instead of dining on the wisdom meal of a Philosopher’s Note, or feasting on an entire Master Class, you can take the Pac-Man approach and munch on Big Ideas one by one. 

Sound like fun?

It is!

You can access all these resources through the Heroic Membership. It’s been my favorite resource for self-improvement for years at this point. Optimize has helped me feel healthier, more confident, and more productive. It’s impacted my coaching, my relationships, and helped me get clearer on my life goals.

…I could go on. 😄 

When you use this link — heroic.us/letsgo — you can get a free trial of the Heroic Membership and check it out for yourself. 

If you like what I share here on Mindful Ambition, I think you’ll love Heroic. (Fun fact: I used to buy all of my 1:1 coaching clients a membership when we start working together. Because (a) it’s fun to surprise + delight, and (b) it’s a powerful resource that makes our coaching relationship more effective.)

Bri also has this mantra: “Give the best to the most for the least.”

Which means a Heroic Membership is affordable. 

  • $14.99/month if you pay monthly
  • Or $99.99/year if you go for the annual membership

So…head on over to Heroic and start tapping into this amazing resource.

Here’s to you, showing up at your best, and giving your greatest gifts in service to others.

Big hugs + high-fives,

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  • I work for Heroic.