No Matter What Happens, It’s Supposed to be This Way

So often when things go “wrong” in life, a particular thought comes to mind.

“It’s not supposed to be this way.”

  • Your business is not performing well –> It’s not supposed to be this way!
  • You’re feeling stressed, anxious, or uncertain –> It’s not supposed to be this way!
  • You catch a cold, get sick, or get injured –> It’s not supposed to be this way!
  • You get let go from a job –> It’s not supposed to be this way!
  • Someone you care about dies –> It’s definitely not supposed to be this way.

There’s no denying that events like these are painful. And pain isn’t necessarily fun

But when we say that something isn’t supposed to be this way, we’re wrong.

It is supposed to be this way.

Life is supposed to be filled with obstacles. It’s supposed to have ups and downs. It’s supposed to have death, heartbreak, pain, and sorrow.

AND life is also supposed to have beauty, hope, light, joy, love, and compassion!

The truth is that life is supposed to have it all.

And it does.

Within you, and within your life, is the capacity for every emotion, every experience, and every thought imaginable.

So when, in the inevitable future, the thought crosses your mind that “it’s not supposed to be this way,” remind yourself that that isn’t quite true…That in reality, it’s supposed to be this way.

It’s Supposed to be This Way

Why are things supposed to be this way? Well, because they are! In this moment, your situation is the way that it is. And as Byron Katie so eloquently reminds us, there’s no point in arguing with reality.

Accepting life’s nature in this way isn’t meant to be submissive. You can still strive to improve your situation.

It simply means that when things don’t go your way…that it’s okay. And when you find yourself down on your luck…it’s okay. And when you aren’t sure if you can keep going…it’s okay.

Yes, it might be painful. But no, you needn’t prolong your suffering by resisting the fact that it’s painful.

And in embracing that it is supposed to be this way, something shifts. Suddenly the pain isn’t quite so painful. You have a little bit more control over things. And maybe a bit more clarity on how you want to proceed from here.

So keep marching onward. Pursue what calls you. Fight to make your dreams a reality.

But when you stumble along the way, take it in stride. Get back up, and press onwards. It’s not always easy. But it’s supposed to be this way.

Put it Into Practice

Hold this wisdom in awareness and put it into action this week.

  1. Notice when an unpleasant experience brings a thought of “it shouldn’t be this way” to mind.
  2. Pause and note that thought. Acknowledge that you’re having the thought that it shouldn’t be this way.
  3. Accept that it’s supposed to be this way…because it is. (​Bonus:​ Get a pen and paper to write down the thoughts that are giving you stress, followed by “…and it’s supposed to be this way!”
  4. Decide how you want to respond. What would it look like if you responded to this scenario at your best? Get specific here. Create a plan for yourself.
  5. Move forward with clarity and intention.​

No matter what you’re facing this week, you get to choose how you’ll respond

You get to decide how you want to show up.

And you get to decide if you’ll actually do it. ?

Let’s make it the best week yet,