What is Mindful Ambition? And Why Does it Matter?

Mindful Ambition is a mindset that integrates two powerful life forces. You need both to live your best life.

Mindfulness grounds you in appreciation and presence.

It helps you cultivate awareness and gratitude in everyday moments.

It helps you foster deeper connections to the people, places, and activities in your life.

Ambition drives you forward to learn, grow, and develop.

It pushes you to work hard on things that matter.

It motivates you to pursue excellence.

Some might say mindfulness and ambition are opposing forces that can’t coexist.

I can hear the voice now…

“If you really took mindfulness seriously, you wouldn’t need ambition. Shouldn’t you be able to find happiness and fulfillment in the little things in life? Why would you need anything else?”

That perspective makes sense, but the truth is they are not mutually exclusive.

Mindfulness and ambition can coexist in harmony.

And finding that balance is a worthwhile pursuit.

Mindfulness is a powerful force for good. But it isn’t realistic (or desirable!) to spend 100% of your time focused on the present moment.

You need to have a healthy eye on the future. Living mindfully helps you fulfill your ambition in a sustainable manner that’s true to your values.

Find your balance

Mindfulness and ambition are complementary forces. When you bring them together in an intentional manner, they set you up to live your best life in a way nothing else can.

I’ve committed myself to integrating mindfulness and ambition because I want to live my best life.

I’ll be sharing my best insights and learnings with you on this blog.

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