Actionable Tools and Exercises to Help You Show Up At Your Best

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Try to get your activities aligned to a curve like this

Analyze your priorities against your behavior to make time for what matters most.

letting go title

We all hold onto things that no longer serve us. Use this tool to let them go.

Daily Wins Checklist_tools page

Hold yourself accountable to making daily progress on your top priorities.

Fear setting_tools page

Overcome the paralysis of fear to take action on things you care about.

Mindful Morning Jumpstart_tools page

Create a morning routine to reliably put your best self into the world each day.

Core values_tools page

Understanding your core values gives you a compass to navigate life's decisions.

Choose the empowering narrative_tools page

Your perception of life's events dictates your experience. Pick the empowering narrative.

self-understanding prompts_tools page

To avoid regret, cultivate greater understanding of what matters to you most. Then, act accordingly.

Minimization_tools page

Minimize your possessions to live a life thats focused on what matters to you most.

meditation bundle pack

Meditate on the go with this collection of free guided meditations. (3-30 minutes)